This is exactly the reason people are protesting their elected officials across the nation. Despite what the constituents want, lawmakers do their own thing.  

In back-to-back town hall meetings in Iowa on Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) faced criticism from constituents who were angry over his support for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, reports Pro Health Care’s Jennifer Haberkorn, who was on hand. “I’m counting on you to be the independent, thoughtful man with the leadership that you used to be. I’m so disappointed in you,” a woman told Grassley about his support for DeVos during a packed meeting in Iowa Falls. – Later in the day, the veteran GOP senator faced similar backlash from citizens in Garner, Iowa, who demanded Grassley explain whether he would support school vouchers and questioned whether DeVos would threaten the state’s high test scores. Grassley defended his vote in favor of DeVos, arguing that “whatever she said she’s going to do – she has now taken an oath to uphold the law and the constitution.” Grassley added that he voted for her in part because presidents should get to choose their Cabinet – and that he supported much of Obama’s Cabinet for that reason.


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