Former President of Mexico has a Message for Trump

FORMER Mexican president Vicente Fox Quesada resumed his war of words with Donald Trump after tweeting his country would not pay the “f****** wall” along the southern US border.

In a shocking outburst, Fox took aim at the White House press secretary, tweeting: “Sean Spicer, I’ve said this to @realDonaldTrump and now I’ll tell you: Mexico is not going to pay for that f****** wall.”

He even included an expletive hashtag, which quickly started trending on social media – and the former Mexican leader also appeared on a number of US news channels.

Speaking to CNN, Fox said: “I have told Donald that Mexico will never pay for that f****** wall and now I have to repeat it to this guy Spicer.

“He again repeated this morning that Mexico is going to pay, they better understand that we are not paying for that wall.”

“US taxpayers will pay for that wall and it is a wall that is a waste, it serves no purpose on the objectives that are set for that.”

He added: “I just saw a poll that mentions that 80 per cent of Trump followers – which are just 25 per cent of the US population, that’s all he has – 80 per cent are in favour.

“But when you talk about all American people, it’s scarcely 40 per cent so the big majority is not favour of building a wall.”

The former Mexican leader described the wall as “stupid” and a “waste of money” as he blasted Trump’s plans.

He continued: “There is already a wall, it’s at least covering 70 per cent of the borderline.

“The remaining 30 per cent is desert, theres no people there.

“Why is he going to waste taxpayers money on this stupid wall? It’s just a waste of money.”

The news comes after President Trump said building work on the Mexican border wall will start “immediately”.

The Republican added the days where Hispanics can “stay in our country and wreak havoc” are numbered.

He also announced plans to employ 5,000 new border security agents and begin a concerted effort to deport illegal immigrants and criminals back to their home country.

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