Here’s Mitch McConnell admitting he only blocked Merrick Garland because it was Obama

The Republican Party is made up of men and women who lost their moral compass decades ago and have been searching to find where that precious ring disappeared to ever since. Meet the Press saw Senator Mitch McConnell doing his best impression of a human being as Chuck Todd asked him to at least be consistent in his bullshit surrounding the upcoming standoff between Republicans and Democrats on the nomination to the Supreme Court of Neil Gorsuch.

Todd: Again, what was wrong with allowing Merrick Garland to have an up or down vote?

McConnell: I already told you you don’t fill the Supreme Court vacancies in the middle of the presidential election. That’s what Joe Biden said back in 1992 and he was chairman of the judicial committee.

Todd: Should that be the policy going forward? Are you prepared to pass a resolution that says in an election year, any Supreme Court vacancy, and have it to be the sense of a senate resolution that says no supreme court nominations will be considered in any even numbered year? Is that where we’re headed?

McConnell: Chuck, with all due respect, that’s an absurd question. We were right in the middle of the presidential election year. Everybody knew that neither side had the—had the shoe been on the foot would have filled it, but that has nothing to do with what we’re voting on this year. Why don’t we talk about what what we’re voting on this week? and that’s this extraordinarily well qualified nominee for the U.S. Supreme court.

Sen. McConnell tries to do his “knowing laugh” during Todd’s questions and it simply makes him sound like a goddamn mummy in a horror movie.


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