Latest news on ACA (Obamacare)

President Trump mused that perhaps the GOP should do nothing for two years, “and the Dems would come begging to do something.” But he couldn’t do that, he said, because Obamacare is exploding.

No more exchange ads: It’s going to be harder to get the word out about the exchanges’ open enrollment period ending. The administration is pulling ads and canceling email blasts. This is bad news for the exchanges. An ex-HHS staffer stated that “deadlines drive enrollment. We could lose a million sign-ups from this.”

FDA meetings cancelled: Congressional Hill staffers report FDA was forced to call off meetings on user fees due to the administration muzzle on the agency staff’s external communications. That’s a problem for digital health, among other areas: the negotiated device user fees agreement includes funding for FDA to advance its digital health work.

Democratic leaders like Rep. Elijah Cummings have protested that the gag orders violate federal law.

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